Our Team


Active listener, mutli-tasking, entrepreneur and challenge-oriented spirit: Valérie has everything it takes to add the "little extra something" to high-standard events.

As an established international marketing consultant, Remi can secure an immediate access to the right connections. That's what you need to create ready-made, tailored-made and outstanding events!

Born in Malaysia 45 years ago, from a Malaysian father and a Belgian mother, Johan has always been strongly influenced by his dual culture: European pragmatism and Asian sensibility.

Johan is a firm believer in "Action"

Welcome to Le Coach

The leading Financial event specialist.

Why work with us?

We understand how you work and are always looking for value for money in what we do.
Quick response time.
We understand what you are looking for.
Efficient but discreet.
Compliance with corporate standards and guidelines.


Where we work.

EMEA, S-E Asia

What we do

We creat exceptional meetings, incentives, strategic meetings and partners meetings for leading financial services companies.

Our services
From venue finding, to strategic meetings. From, seminars and incentives for the ExCom, specific line of service or for whole firm to international conferences and recognition & incentive programs.

Johan Hamid
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